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For serious rockhounds, amateur fossil hunters,
gem queens & More!

Located in historic downtown San Juan Bautista, California
209 Third Street, 95045     (831) 623-4441

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Beginning Wire Wrapping

Instructor: Jennifer Le


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Location & Parking: Classes take place a the Rock Shop, classroom "A". Parking is available on the main streets or behind the Rock Shop, entrance on 4th Street to a large open parking area. Enter up the stairs through the glass door, classroom is on the immediate right. For students in wheelchairs, please enter from the front of the store, classroom is down the hall to the left. Signs will be posted.

Date & Time:
This is a 5 hour class, please check the calendar for available dates and times.

Description: The Introduction to Wire Wrap class will teach the student how to plan, measure and create a design setting in wire to display a cabochon or some similar shaped object.  The students will use cabochons and practice wire provided to create a beautiful pendant.  In so doing, they will learn the fundamentals of wire wrap—securing the stone, adding flourishes and decorative items.

Students will learn the skills and techniques to achieve the best results.  Jennifer provides the one-on-one assistance to assure that the student is successful.  The end result is a wearable pendant that the student can take home.

Jennifer hopes to foster an appreciation of the wire wrap art and encourage the student to learn more in advanced classes.  Additional classes in the future include the Wire Wrap bracelet and Wire Wrap ring.

Tools & Materials: The class requires only a few hand tools provided by the student, which is available if needed as a kit from the Rock Shop for $16. (student discount included). You can also bring your own tools if they meet what is required for the class. The kit includes edge cutter pliers, smooth jaw long nose pliers, round nose pliers, pocket knife, small flexible tape measure, pin vise, and scotch tape. Wire and stone cabochon are provided. All Rock Shop students receive a 25% discount on items purchased being utilized in a class.

Class Size: 8 Maximum, 4 Minimum.

Cost: Classes are $85.00 for one 5 hour class. Bring a friend and get a discount for you and your friends! You plus one pay $75 each, you plus two pay $65. each, you plus 3 or more pay $55. each!

Students are required to pay at the time of signing up. Drop-in students are welcome, but must pay cash if class is not offered during regular business hours of 10am to 5pm. Drop-ins can only be accepted if the class student minimum is met and the class is not full. Class fees are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by the instructor or the Rock Shop, in which case students have the option of a refund, or the fee can be applied to the same class on another date. Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany a student(s) taking the class at no extra charge. Course waivers will be provided upon sign up or the first day of class.

Sign up in person at the Rock Shop or call (831) 623-4441. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Money Order and Cash accepted. 

Instructor: Jennifer lives in Santa Clara, CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Her long, successful career in high tech was creative, but not very artistic. Although Jennifer is proficient in many skills, such as cooking & gardening, she never applied herself to art until she retired.

At that time Jennifer & her husband Jim immersed themselves in rockhounding. Gems, minerals, specimens and the lapidary arts soon became their passion. After some introduction to the lapidary arts with the help of friends and the local club, they were soon creating cabochons, free-forms, flats and even an attempt at faceting! Those pieces looked just great in a display box, but they needed to be seen more often. Jennifer quickly saw the potential for jewelry! Here was the opportunity to create and enjoy something wonderful. Wire wrap was the best way to bring those bright shiny stones out of the box.

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Jennifer Le

Her favorite subjects are pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings of many varieties, sizes, & colors. One needs only to examine Jennifer's work, her showcase and the jewelry she is wearing to see that this is distinctive art. Jennifer learned the fine art & skill of wire-wrap from her artist mother. She has refined her skill into a signature style that is very clean, elegant & striking. She teaches her skill to others in a straightforward and clear and detailed manner. Her teaching style & her patience makes her class a valuable experience!